Monday, February 29, 2016

Marco Rubio is Jeb Bush without the honesty, desperately lying to save a failing campaign


Marco Rubio is Jeb Bush without the honesty.

Rubio’s only accomplishment in Congress has been to betray the American people.  His record on immigration and Obamatrade demonstrate that there is nothing Rubio will not say - and no lie Rubio will not tell - in order to deliver for his donors.

Marco Rubio is Chuck Schumer’s amnesty pitchman. Rubio was hired to shove amnesty through the Senate by putting his face on Obama's bill.

Rubio Launches 24-7 Misinformation Campaign

Rubio said he joined the Gang of Eight to “to get the best bill possible” but he produced the most extreme immigration bill in history (more extreme than McCain-Kennedy) and written by special interest groups. Rubio’s plan earned the endorsement of Obama, La Raza, Reid, all Dems, Gutierrez, Pelosi, ZuckerbergMurdochIger, the Chamber of Commerce, and every open borders outfit in the country.
Rubio pledged to Rush Limbaugh that “if there is not language in this bill that guarantees that nothing else [i.e. the amnesty] will happen unless these enforcement mechanisms are in place, I won't support it.” Rubio made the same promise toHannityO’Reilly, Levin and everyone else. You could not turn on your TV without hearing Rubio sell Schumer's amnesty. But Chuck Schumer himself made clear that Rubio – his obedient amnesty pitchman – was lying to them all. Schumer declared “On day one of our bill, the people without status [illegal aliens]…will be able to live and work here legally.”
Rubio voted against amendments to build a double-layer border fence and install a visa tracking system...Rubio also supports birthright citizenship, and the cradle-to-grave entitlements that come with it.
Rubio revealed his own con during a Spanish-language interview before the vote: “Let’s be clear,” Rubio said, “Nobody is talking about preventing the legalization. The legalization is going to happen. That means the following will happen: First comes the legalization. Then come the measures to secure the border.” 
Rubio voted against amendments to build a double-layer border fence and install a visa tracking system. He coordinated with Gang of Eight Senators to kill conservative amendments, while publicly pretending he wanted to ‘fix’ his cataclysmic bill.
Sen. Marco Rubio receiving a hug from Sen. Harry Reid, as they celebrate passage of the Gang of Eight bill.
Sen. Marco Rubio receiving a hug from Sen. Harry Reid, as they celebrate passage of the Gang of Eight bill.

Gang of Eight Deception

Rubio’s lies were legion.  Rubio said the bill was merit-based – but it triggered a flood of low-skilled immigration.  Rubio said the bill did not give illegal immigrants welfare – but it made them eligible for every welfare program. Rubio said it was a 13-year path to citizenship – but the first group of illegals got citizenship in 5 (and amnesty 'day one'). Rubio said the bill did not give amnesty to criminals, but ICE officers proclaimed: “[Rubio’s bill] drastically reduces the ability of ICE officers to do their jobs while providing legal status to convicted criminals including gang members, drunk drivers, and sex offenders.” 
Rubio said the bill did not give immigrants welfare – but it made them eligible for every welfare program. 
ICE officers thundered that Rubio lied to them too, saying: “he directly misled law enforcement officers.”
Rubio’s website still calls it “The Toughest Border Security and Enforcement Measures in U.S. History.”
As the National Review wrote: “Unless he’s an idiot, which I do not think to be the case, he’s trying to fool voters, not persuade them. First, a familiar talking point: the bill doesn’t provide amnesty. For crisssake, of course it’s amnesty! Stop lying!”

Beholden to Benefactors

The only immigration “reform” initiative Rubio has pushed since the Gang of Eight is aplan to help his  benefactors terminate skilled employees in exchange for lower-paid replacements. By contrast, Rubio has not cosponsored a single one of his GOP colleagues new bills to stop illegal immigration. 
Rubio recently announced that he wants to expand the large wave of Middle Eastern refugees streaming into the U.S.
Rubio also supports birthright citizenship, and the cradle-to-grave entitlements that come with it.
 He continues to actively embrace every single policy in the Gang of Eight bill, including mass immigration, amnesty and citizenship and will impose them by force on Americans if given the chance. 
Rubio revealed, in Spanish, that he would not rescind Obama’s illegal executive"DREAMer" amnesty (and folded on the funding fight).  Rubio even said: "I cannot imagine a scenario where a future president is going to take away the status they're going to get." He also wants a Cantor-style DREAM Act.
Rubio has never changed his views. He continues to actively embrace every single policy in the Gang of Eight bill, including mass immigration, amnesty and citizenship and will impose them by force on Americans if given the chance. In the words of a Democrat: ‘He always came back…it was kind of like lassie.’ 
Rubio cast the 60th deciding vote for the Obamatrade plan to destroy American manufacturing (almost certainly without reading it).
Obama's latest Trans-Pacific Partnership deal is bad business for America and thanks to Rubio, we can't give it a treaty vote, can't filibuster it, can't amend it, and can't fully debate it.
Rubio has the foreign policy of Lindsay Graham, the immigration policy of Barack Obama, and the trade policy of John Boehner.  Donors want voters to swallow their ‘medicine’ and Rubio is the sugar they’re using to make them drink it down.  It would be easier to elect the Chamber of Commerce – and cut out the middle man.  

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  1. Vote Donald J. Trump Here is what the Constitution says:

    Cruz’s lawsuits were filed in Florida, Vermont, Texas, Utah, Illinois, Arkansas, Alabama, New York, and Pennsylvania, and individuals who raised a ballot challenge in Indiana are weighing whether they’ll file suit.

    Cruz has a new IL court date March 1st – Super Tuesday, a filing deadline on March 2nd for the AR case after his requested extension was granted, and a joint court date with one Senator Marco Rubio on March 4th in Rubio’s home state of Florida. Rubio’s pending lawsuits, court dates, and questionable defenses to the actions have been missing from the national discussion.
    Stunningly, while both Cruz & Rubio crisscross the country appealing to voters, both have now argued that voters have no recourse to challenge a candidate over ineligibility, that courts have no authority to rule on this Constitutional matter. Instead, both argue it must wait until they are elected as President/Vice President and then the legislative body where they’re employed at the will of The People, Congress, would determine whether they’re eligible and if not, choose their replacement. That does not sound like a Conservative, accountable to voters, Separation of Powers viewpoint.

    What’s worse is both US Senators are pursuing and defending their own ambitions for the Executive Branch in a way that undermines the Constitution and Founders’ Intent.